St. Mary's

Independent Careers Advisor

Claire Baker

Claire Baker

We provide our students with an unbiased and independent Careers Advisory Service, led by an experienced and highly qualified Careers Adviser, Claire Baker. With 22 years of expertise in the field of guidance and counselling for young people and adults in schools, private industry, and further education, Claire is dedicated to helping students make informed decisions about their future.

Along with a portfolio of professional qualifications, Claire holds a Level 6 Diploma in Careers Guidance and Development. She is passionate about empowering students to identify and capitalize on their unique skills, strengths, interests, and abilities, enabling them to make realistic and meaningful choices for their future.

In school the careers advisor provides:
  • A one to one interview to discuss transition from school to their next steps.
  • Information, guidance and signposting on the various options such as apprenticeships, A levels and vocational paths.
  • Discussion of Labour Market Information (LMI) on the opportunities available locally.
    Discussion of what employers are looking for from young people entering the workplace.
  • Person Centred advice on the choices available.
  • Ensure all options are explored and decisions are well informed.
  • When appropriate, assisting young people to be aware of their potential and overcome barriers to achieving success.
  • Advice and guidance to all so they feel empowered to make decisions or know where to get the relevant information.
  • Signposting young people to further research their decisions and to support them to navigate applications processes and things they may need to prepare for and consider when applying for Sixth Form, Colleges and apprenticeship options.
  • A structured action plan identifying actions for them to undertake to move towards their career goals.
  • Delivering assemblies and facilitate group work to enhance young people on the range of careers available to them.

Careers appointments and group delivery sessions are booked automatically with Claire who visits the school on a weekly basis.