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Book Recommendation – Satellite By Nick Lake (Suitable For All Year Groups)

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One of the nicest things about being your school librarian is being able to hand-pick new books for you all to read.  I recently came across “Satellite” by Nick Lake, read it and loved it so much that I bought two copies for the library so that two students could enjoy it at the same time!

This book falls into one of my favourite genres, Sci-Fi and Fantasy.  It is about a boy called Leo and his two friends, twins Orion and Libra, who were all born in space on an international space station (not our current ISS, a made-up one in the future).  They have never set foot on earth – until now. They are preparing for their first trip home to Earth – but cannot possibly imagine the irreversible consequences that are going to be set in motion ….

The writing in this book makes it a bit tricky to read at first, as the author uses a lot of lower case letters and short form versions of words, but bear with it – the story is amazing and if you like Sci-Fi you will love this book. 

Mrs Williams


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