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  St. Mary's Catholic College is a caring faith community

Our mission is to provide an outstanding whole-person education through which all are challenged to grow in wisdom, understanding, self-esteem and closeness to God.
We Come Here To Learn

At the heart of our Catholic College community are the high quality and enriching relationships that exist between our students and between students and staff. Our Mission statement is clear that "Tolerance and valuing of others are key points of daily life."
The quality of relationships was commented on by Ofsted and Section 23 (Diocesan) inspectors who wrote:

"Relationships are good and pupils get on well with each other ..... the College is an orderly and harmonious community. Pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is good and nutured by the College's failth dimension."

"St. Mary's is a close-knit community and a significant strength is the excellent relationships throughout the school."

Building and maintaining these relationships is fundamental to our College's success and high regard throughout Blackpool. Much of society is obsessed with its rights. Living in a Christian Community requires you to focus on your responsibilities - to yourself, to others and to the wider community. We all share the very important responsibility of ensuring that a student's right to learn is never compromised.

We Come Here To Learn
St. Mary's is a place for learning. this simple truth is recognised and supported by parents, students and staff. Parents chose St. Mary's because they wanted their children "to grow in wisdom, understanding, self-esteem and closeness to God". For young people to be able to learn effectively they must be able to study in a calm, orderly and well-disciplined environment. When home and College work together, sharing the same values and insisting on high standards in all things, young people feel safe, secure and ready to learn.