7A1 Christmas Cards

Year 7 have been studying Charles Dickens and the Victorian Era, this half term. 7A1 have designed and created a selection of Victorian Christmas cards; here is a sample of their superb creative skills. Miss Glass
Christmas Cards

7A1 Design Their Own Games

Throughout this term, 7A1 have embarked on a journey through time with Katniss Everdeen, to a Dystonian dimension where the candidates from District 12 battle for survival, to satisfy the greedy appetites of the rich. The students of 7A1 have designed their own games to battle over, in class. Natalie Wrigley and Kelsey Riley have cleverly remastered the timeless, family fun filled game: Monopoly! Devising their own set of gaming rules, they have created a very popular game, where each student has to battle and collect points, in order to 'get out of school.' A big well done to all students in 7A1 who have produced some great games! Miss Glass 

Students' Mock Trial Competition

Mock Trial Competition
On Saturday 19th March, Miss Ellarby and Miss Bamber accompanied 13 students to Burnley Magistrates' Court for the Mock Trial competition. Each student played either a member of the prosecution or defense team (playing a range of roles such as: an usher, lawyer, legal adviser and witness). Each team battled it out in a real court - the case involved the charge of Common Assault against the defendant . It was a very close competition and Miss Ellarby and Miss Bamber were very impressed at the sheer amount of effort from every single student. Members of legal staff present on Saturday commented on how we have some budding lawyers in our team and we definitely agree. Well done Mock Trial '16 team! 

Poetry Competition!

Do you LOVE chocolate and have a PASSION for poetry?
Fairtrade are asking you to write a poem about Fairtrade Chocolate 
about the theme ‘A LOVE THAT GROWS.’
The poem must follow the theme and be about DIVINE chocolate!
Closing Date 30th April 2016
Displaying A love that grows theme.png
Displaying A love that grows theme.png