Amnesty International Youth Awards

Young Reporters
Congratulations go to Sam Lovell, Tia Brown and Zahra Shahsavari of 9Z2 English. They have all been highly commended for their entries to the Young Human Rights Reporter competition. They each researched a human rights topic of interest and submitted their final articles to the national competition. 

Literature Text Books

InfoIf any Year 11 have any Literature text books at home ('Of Mice and Men', 'Blood Brothers', 'A Christmas Carol' 'The History Boys', 'Heroes', 'An Inspector Calls' etc or any WJEC text books, please could you return these to your English Teacher now that the exams are completed.

Thank you. 

Year 7 Monsters

At the moment in year 7 English, we are looking at non-fiction writing through the topic of Monsters.

Students have described, designed and (as part of their home-learning), CREATED their monsters.

7W2 managed to bake six cakes, hand-sew a creation, design 3D posters, draw and make PowerPoints!

Big congratulations to all of those who received their well-earned Outstanding Home Learning Points for the great time and effort!

Miss Lovatt.

Monsters 7w

Trip to The Imperial War Museum

Trip to The Imperial War Museum
Friday 14th English Literature class! We headed out of Blackpool and made our way to The Imperial War Museum, Manchester, where students were challenged to gain a deeper understanding of the tragedies of World War 1. When studying literature from any time period or historical event, it is always insightful and helpful to explore the social and historical contexts in more detail; our sixth formers were able to see first-hand how The Great war impacted the lives of those who lived through it; by reading personal accounts, letters and diaries, viewing 360° projected video footage and even by handling authentic artefacts from the time period itself, students were able to appreciate the context of where the poetry they have been studying came from. It was an inspiring and emotional day for us all as we experienced the lives of those who suffered. Thank you to the 12D Literature class for representing St Mary’s 6th Form in such a fantastic manner! Don’t forget to see Mr Baugh for the answers to the WW1 quiz! March was certainly a Dynamic Day for the Year 12