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Life @ Lent
During Lent every Learning House raises money for charity and this year the Science and PE Learning House chose to support LIFE Charity once again. LIFE is a national charity with a care centre based in Blackpool, this care centre provides practical help for pregnant woman and new mothers. Last year we collected items to make up baby bags, this year we ran a hot dog sale and played bingo to raise funds for LIFE.

On Thursday 7th April, Mr Hetherington, a representative from LIFE Charity, visited the Science and PE Learning House assembly and collected the money raised.

In total we raised £594.07, half the money has gone to support LIFE Charity and the other half to support our partner schools in Ghana. 

Year 11 Science Mock Exams

You have mock examinations starting after half term. this means that you need to be using your revision planner to structure your preparation for these exams.

To help you you can down load the document we provided you with for the November mocks and the summer revision booklet and answers you should have used to prepare for year 11 - use the links below to download the documents.

Remember to break revision into reasonable chunks, set yourself goals for each session and regularly review your revision.

And don't forget to ask your teachers for help where you need it! Good luck 

Click here to download the March support year 11 mock word document

Click here to download the Biology summer workbook answers PDF

Click here to download the Chemistry summer workbook answers PDF

Click here to download the Physics summer workbook answers PDF

Click here to download the Summer booklet PDF

Year 10 Science Summer Work Answers

Hi year 10 I hope you have had a good summer break so far? At the end of year 10 you were provided with a work book that needs to be completed and marked for your first science lesson back as year 11’s. The booklet is available to down load via the school webpage (posted on 15th July- just in case you may have misplaced it) and the answers can now be found by following the links below. You need to mark the Biology, Chemistry and Physics questions using the answers provided and complete the reflections on the front of the booklet. This should help you in identifying areas of the year 10 work you need to get help with early on in the new term. Enjoy what remains of the summer vacation!

Biology Summer Workbook Answers

Chemistry Summer Workbook Answers

Physics Summer Workbook Answers

Year 10 Science Summer Work

To ensure year 10 are ready for the demands of year 11 the Science department has prepared some materials to be completed by all year 10’s over summer. All the questions need to completed and marked for the first science lesson next term. All pupils will be given a paper copy of the booklet but if you lose it you can download it by following this link.

Summer Booklet Download

The answers will be available to download from the school website on the 24th of August.

Have a good summer!