Year 12 Biology Trip

Year 12 BiologistsOn Wednesday the Year 12 Biologists visited the School of Forensic and Investigative Sciences at UCLan. They started the day 'in the lab' using differential centrifugation to separate chloroplasts from the other components of plant cells. They were then shown the transmission and scanning electron microscopes by Dr Tapas Sen who is a world leading researcher in the field of nanoscience! The students learnt about how the microscopes work and their uses. As usual, the students were a credit to their families and SMCC with their enthusiastic approach and exemplary behaviour. A big thank you to Dr Judith Smith for being our host for the third year running.

Mrs Burrough
(Head of Biology)

Wonderful Week - Hothersall Lodge

Hothersall Lodge trip
The Year 12 Biologists have returned from their residential at Hothersall Lodge, Longridge with a healthy outdoor glow. They have spent the past 3 days using a number of different methods to obtain quantitative data ‘out in the field’ – the kick-sampling method to collect invertebrates and study the quality of water; the mark-release-recapture technique to estimate the snail population in a pond; random sampling with quadrats; and carrying out a line transect to investigate how altitude affects the growth of Soft Thrush– in order to investigate the number and distribution of various organisms. The students spent Tuesday walking to the top of Parlick and Fair Snape Fell (and back down again) in order to carry out their field work.The students have worked incredibly hard and made a fantastic start to their A2 course. They were a credit to SMCC as usual and will now join the rest of Year 12 for the remainder of the week.

Mrs Burrough & Mr Sergeant

Science trip to London – Wonderful Week 2012

science trip to LondonThe trip set out in high spirits and anticipation for a full week of activity in London on Monday July 2nd. After a long journey on the coach – pizza and pop refreshed the spirits for an early start on the Tuesday.

Tuesday’s activity’s started at the Natural History museum where pupils had chance to find out about dinosaurs and a host of other animals before we moved on to London Zoo to see real living creatures – from the very cute (otters and mere cats) to the very odd (aardvarks). The day was rounded off with an excellent meal in Giraffe followed by burning off some calories in the park.

Wednesday was spent in the Science Museum where we could experience some of the best science exhibits in the country. We spent an hour in the Launch Pad exploring some simple science and solving some problems. The evening started in Ask with some top Italian food followed by a trip to the Theatre to see Shrek – the musical, with dragons, burps, songs and all.

Finally on Thursday we visited the Royal Observatory for a bit of time travel at the Greenwich Meridian and later some sobering displays at the Imperial War Museum. Our last meal together was at Carluccio’s followed by a walk to see Downing Street and Buckingham Palace (the Queen wasn’t in but we enjoyed the walk all the same).

Finally we arrived back at rainy Blackpool at the end of the school day on Friday – tired but in one piece!

The staff would like to thank all the pupils for their great behaviour and if you are interested in joining us next year you need to see Mrs Baines, Mrs Gleeson (don’t ask her to sing!!!), Mrs McDonald or Dr Leaver. Book early as there are only 40 places!!!

Year 12 Launch an Egg Challenge

Egg ChallengeYesterday the Year 12 Physics students completed a challenge to launch an egg roughly 30 metres, clearing a 2 metre fence on the way - and the challenge could only be won if the egg remained unbroken! They had to design and construct a ‘machine’ to do the job in only 2 hours using simple materials they were provided with. The winners of the challenge created a classic trebuchet but along the way there were some fantastic ideas and inventive designs – some of which even worked! Congratulations to our Physicists and have a fantastic summer!