Academy Opening and clean water strategy

St Mary's Catholic Academy will open as planned for all students on Thursday 3rd September. Students should have arrived in time for an 8:35 start. We welcome our new Year 7 and Year 12 who will be guided to the correct areas by staff on arrival.
As you are aware St Mary's is within an area which is still affected by a United Utilities boiled water notice. We have been working closely with United Utilities who have delivered a supply of clean water to school in dispensers. Students should bring a clear plastic bottle to fill up from these dispensers if they need a drink during the day. This will mean that the Academy policy of allowing students to drink water from a clear plastic bottle in lessons can continue. United Utilities have also supplied our catering company with a supply of clean water so that our lunch time arrangements can continue safely.

Year 10 Science Summer Work Answers

Hi year 10 I hope you have had a good summer break so far? At the end of year 10 you were provided with a work book that needs to be completed and marked for your first science lesson back as year 11’s. The booklet is available to down load via the school webpage (posted on 15th July- just in case you may have misplaced it) and the answers can now be found by following the links below. You need to mark the Biology, Chemistry and Physics questions using the answers provided and complete the reflections on the front of the booklet. This should help you in identifying areas of the year 10 work you need to get help with early on in the new term. Enjoy what remains of the summer vacation!

Biology Summer Workbook Answers

Chemistry Summer Workbook Answers

Physics Summer Workbook Answers

Good News For St. Mary's GCSE Students

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There was good news for St Mary’s students who produced a pleasing set of results in their GCSE examinations this year. Results showed significant improvements across all measures compared to last year and were at or above national average across the board. Students performed particularly well in English with 78% of students achieving a grade C or above and a solid performance in Maths ensured that 58% of students achieved a grade A*-C in both English and Maths.  

Head teacher Simon Eccles praised students saying: “I would like to congratulate our students for their hard work and achievements this year. With continued turbulence and changes to examinations nationally I am pleased that results have improved and are in line with National expectations. On the back of a superb set of A level results last week this shows that the picture is very positive at St Mary’s.”

With 126 A* and A grades between them sixteen students opened their results to reveal a stunning set of GCSEs . A number of the group consisting of Jonathan McMahon, Matthew Jones, Alice Townsend, Tierney O’Rourke, Grace Couzins, Jessica Hill, Ann Premkumar, Monica Brownwood, Nathan Leahy, Robert Dowling, Molly Barnes, Sheenam Verna, Jacob Hall, Nancy Collinge, Kyle O’Neill and Fathima Kizhakkayil are pictured receiving their all important envelopes.

A delighted Monica said: “All of the hard work has finally paid off. I feel thrilled with my results and am looking forwards to my next chapter at St Mary’s Sixth Form. I appreciate all of the staffs hard work over the past 5 years, St Mary’s Catholic Academy is an incredible school and the Year 11 results portray this”. Grace added: “9As and an A*I am delighted with my results, it was all worthwhile and I couldn’t have done it without the support of the St Mary’s staff, they have been truly amazing.” “I am so happy with my results; I wouldn’t have achieved such good results without the ongoing support and effort of the fantastic teachers. I am staying at St Mary’s due to the superb teachers and the hope of gaining such good results again,” commented Tierney.

Any Y11 student with 5+ A*-Cs including English & Maths, from either St Mary’s or any other local secondary schools, who would like to join our thriving Sixth Form please contact Mrs Murray (Head of Sixth Form) on 01253 396286 or alternatively complete an online application on the Academy’s website.

Stars Shine at St Mary’s

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  • Alevelresults2015b
  • Shining stars pictured from left to right are: Olivia Maginnis-Jones, Grace Oldfield, Joe Walsh, Harry Lord Moulding, Tom Hall, Alicia Mrozowska and Dulcimer McGlaughlin who achieved 25 A*s and As between them.
  • Newcastle Bound- Pictured are Joe McMahon, Josh Brownwood, Alex Dale, and Grace Oldfield who will be joined by fellow student Angus Young at the University of Newcastle in September.

Sixth Form students at St Mary’s Catholic Academy achieved a sparkling set of results in their A Level examinations this summer. 100% of students achieved at least two A levels or equivalent with a remarkable 98% of students achieving 3 or more A levels or equivalent (not including general studies). Students excelled in achieving a record number of the highest grades with almost 60% achieving the highest grades of A*/A or Distinction*/Distinction in their results. Amongst the Highest achieving students were Angus Young ( Biol-A, English Lit-A*, French-A, Gen Stud-A, Politics-A) who will study Law at the University of Newcastle, Grace Oldfield (Bus -A, Eng Lit-A, Psychology-A , Hist – B) who will be attending the University of Newcastle to study Law, Harry Lord-Moulding (Biol-A, Gen Studies-A*, Politics-A, Chemistry-A, EPQ-A) attending the University of Manchester to study Biotechnology, Alicia Mrozowska (Graphics-A*, Fine Art-A, Media-B, Eng Lang-C) who will study Graphics at Salford University, Olivia Maginnis – Jones (Bus-A, Eng Lang-A, Gen Stud-A, Psych-B, EPQ-A*) who will study English Language at the University of Manchester, Tom Hall (Comp Stud-A, Maths-A*, Politics-A, EPQ-A, Psych-B) who will attend University of Nottingham to study Maths, Joe Walsh (Biol-A, Chem-A, Maths-A*, Gen Stud-B) who will study Maths at the University of Manchester and Dulcimer McLaughlin (Biol-A, Gen Studies-A, Physics-A*, Chem-B, EPQ-A*) who will study law at UCLAN.

The delighted students were keen to pass on their thanks: “I honestly couldn’t have done this without all of the staff at St Mary’s who helped me build my confidence” said Alicia; “I cannot thank St Mary’s enough for the brilliant launch pad they have provided to enter me into the adult world” added Dulcimer a message echoed by Harry, “The teachers have been incredibly supportive throughout my two years at St Mary’s. I would like to thank them for helping me achieve great results.”

Headteacher, Mr Simon Eccles stated: “I am incredibly happy for our students who have worked so hard to achieve such an exemplary set of results. I would also like to thank the staff who work tirelessly to develop innovative lessons and to support students on their learning journey at St Mary’s. This set of results means that once again all or our students will have the opportunity to pursue their further education or career aspirations over the next few years.”

Year 12 students have laid the foundations for future success with their AS levels. The higher A-C grade was achieved by 59% of students with 19 subject areas guiding students to the highest A and B grades.

Head of Sixth Form, Mrs Jennifer Burrough explained how success was achieved: “St Mary’s Sixth Form is a close family where our clear support system ensures students receive the targeted help they require. Our Catholic caring ethos and pride in all of our students is what makes our Sixth form unique.